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Michalis "BIG Mike" Kotzakolios
Kotzakoliou, SSA

One of the great appeals for many people to join the military service is the wide selection of military careers that are available. This includes not only careers within the service itself, but also similar careers upon exit from the service. This article will mention but a few such military careers.

First, due to the nature of the military there is an absolute abundance of military careers, some of which may not even feel especially ďmilitary.Ē These include the Military police, MPís (or SPís, for the Navy). Military Police is a job not unlike civilian police although they are generally considered friendlier to soldiers and sailors as their first job is to protect Ėusually one soldier from another.

Another of the such not-so-military, military careers is that of cook, or Messing Specialist, as the navy likes to exalt their kitchen workforce. This is an especially lax job as it is one where you donít have to go outside (a plus if youíre stationed in the north in the winter, or in Antarctica), usually donít have to stand guard, and are basically off of the usual work roster that most of the other military personnel must meet. On the downside, you usually have to wake up at 4 in the morning.

The service is famous for training personnel in technical jobs that they will be able to implement upon becoming civilians. This is especially true for the Air Force and Navy, though the Marines and Army do also have many such specialties as well.

For instance, one of the military careers that numerous people wish to work in is electronics specialist. The military absolutely requires this field in all branches of the service as these men and women maintain all of the electronic equipment that is of dire necessity from day-to-day operation. Upon coming out of the military, whether a person serves 3 years, or twenty-five years, going into the private sector the electronics specialist will be met with open arms by the electronics industry, which greatly admires the knowledge of ex-military personnel.

In fact, this is the case with most of the military careers. Private industry gravitates to ex-military, due to the caliber of worker that a person becomes from experience in the service; this is reflected not only in his or her work, but also by a general reputation which will precede him or her throughout life. In fact, when two people of equal qualification apply for the same position, if one of them has prior military experience, this will give that person the competitive edge, and he or she will generally be hired.

A few other specialty careers include radio operations specialist, gunnerís mate/weapons specialist, cryptologists (an extremely in-demand job), and office specialist. However this is nowhere near even the tip of the iceberg. The military, with the vast number of operations that it carries out throughout the country and the world, demands a wide range of military careers. To get a complete list of these jobs, go online or speak with a recruiter. Only, be careful: if you want to be given a specific job in the service, make sure that you are promised it in writing on your contract, not just verbally, or chances are youíll be weeping in your coffee.

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